Promote Your Event

We are happy to assist you in promoting your event. You may ask us to both add the event to our calendar and also send out an email to Republicans in your area, or you may simply ask us to add the event to our calendar.

If you are requesting a promotional email, please submit your request at least one week in advance.

There are dozens of Republican events going on across the Seventh District all the time. Since we don't have time or space to highlight all events, we ask that you use this tool to request promotion for the following types of events:

Events that are geared to be relevant to Republican activists district-wide, such as state central meetings, Seventh District executive committee meetings, Seventh District conventions, state conventions

Local events within the Seventh District that are intended for the public, such as fundraisers, dinners, meet and greets and county conventions

Due to finite space and resources, we ask you not to submit local private or small group meetings, such as BPOU committee meetings.

After you submit this form, we will review it to confirm it is a fit for our calendar. You may see your event live on our calendar within twenty minutes of submission.