How You Can Get Active

As Republicans, we believe in promoting economic prosperity, preserving civil rights, properly educating our children, strengthening our families and communities, protecting public safety, strengthening the rule of law, both enjoying and protecting our natural resources, making government smaller and better and defending America at home and abroad. But as a community we need to come together and get involved.

There are many things you can do to get involved to make a difference

 Contact a Party Officer

Get involved with your local party unit. Find the Republican party in your area so and let your opinion be known. Find Local Leaders


Small donors do the heavy lifting for Republicans, and that fits with our philosophy of individual responsibility and citizen engagement.

 Attend an Event

If you want to be more involved in CD7 events contact CD7 leadership at We typically meet as a board the last Thursday of every month. We also have a presence at Farm Fest, county fairs, local parades, and at the MNGOP booth at the State Fair.

 Stay Informed

Stay informed with what is going on in within the 7th District by safely subscribing to our email list. We send occasional relevant emails and don't spam or send forwards. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.